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Helium Tank Rentals

Hawaii Balloon Company is the largest buyer of helium in the state of Hawaii, so it only makes sense that we can get you the absolute best price on any size d cylinder for your helium needs



Add even more fun to your party or corporate event with Confetti and Streamers! 
We offer handheld disposable cannons for streamers and confetti and well as full stage remote control confetti cannons for your corporate event or Rock 'n Roll Concert!


Custom Printing

We offer the service of custom imprinting your latex rubber as well as mylar micro-foil balloons. With a minimum of only 200 pieces for 9" or 11" latex balloons, and only a 25 piece minimum for mylar balloons, custom printed balloons are right for any event or corporate advertising or marketing.

Full range printing services include printing on 5", 9", 11", 16" & 36" latex balloons as well as the entire range of mylar balloons, including 2 color printing on latex and full color process printing on mylar balloons.

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