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(all prices subject to change)

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Latex Balloons

5" (Air Only)   $1.00

5" Printed (Any Style)   $1.00

9" Jeweltones   $2.00

11" Jeweltones   $3.00

11" Pearltones   $3.00

11" Printed (Any Style)   $3.50

16" Jeweltones   $8.00

16" Printed (Any Style)   $8.50

16" GEO Blossom or GEO Donut   $8.00

16" Balloon Under Glass (B.U.G.)   $9.00

16" Twisty, Gumball or Glitter filled  $10.00

36" Any color latex balloon (includes a weight)   $50.00

36" Gumball Style latex with 6 11" latex inside  $60.00

36" Printed (Any Style)   $60.00

ADD HI-FLOAT to make balloons

float 3-6 days longer

     add to 11"   $.50

     add to 16"   $1.00


Uninflated Latex

9" latex standard color   $.20 each

9" latex jewel/fashion colors   $.25 each

9" latex pearl/metallic colors   $.30 each


11" latex standard color   $.25 each

11" latex jewel/fashion colors   $.30 each

11" latex pearl/metallic colors   $.40 each

11" latex printed messages   $.60 each


16" latex standard color   $.60 each

16" latex jewel/fashion colors   $.70 each

16" latex pearl/metallic colors   $.90 each


260Q standard colors   $.15 ea - $15/bag

260Q jewel/fashion colors   $.18 ea - $18/bag

Mylar Balloons

9" Mini Heart or Round Mylar - air filled only   $2.00

14" Special Shape (no stick)  - air filled only   $3.50

18" Heart or Round Mylar   $7.00

26" Special Shape   $20.00

26" Cluster Mylars   $20.00

30" Singing Balloon   $25.00

36" Heart or Round Mylar  $25.00

Airwalkers  $60.00

Airloonz  $50.00

Personalization   $.25/letter + cost of mylar balloon


Uninflated Mylars

18" mylars un-printed   $6.00 each

18" mylars printed   $7.00 each

26" + printed mylars   $20.00 each


(for entry, doorway, stage, over DJ, etc.)

pearl: $125.00 - $200.00 ($8/foot)
spiral: $350.00 - $550.00 ($20/foot)

Around the World Balloon:

(a huge 36" helium-filled balloon attached to a wicker basket)
any color: $75.00 each
gumball version: $90.00 each

Balloon Drop

(air-filled balloons in a drop bag to drop over dance floor on cue)
any color:   $1.00/balloon
plus:   $50.00 per rig (+$50.00 deposit)

Character Towers:

(4-5' tall air-filled vertical towers of latex balloons)
topped off with your favorite 26" shaped mylar -- 

towers color coordinated to match tops
$60.00 each
with numbers or letters on top
$70.00 each


(12 latex balloons all tightly tied together at the necks, forming a perfect geodesic looking sphere of color.
5" air filled 12 balloon cluster balls   $15.00 each
11" air filled 12 balloon cluster balls   $25.00 each

11" helium filled 12 balloon cluster balls   $40.00 each
11" air filled 6 balloon cluster balls   $15.00 each

11" helium filled 6 balloon cluster balls   $25.00 each
17" air filled 12 balloon cluster balls   $60.00 each 

17" helium filled 12 balloon cluster balls   $100.00 each 
17" air filled 6 balloon cluster balls   $25.00 each 

17" helium filled 6 balloon cluster balls   $50.00 each 
(Helium filled clusterballs include a weight but no ribbons)


(6' tall helium or air-filled vertical garlands to flank
doorway or stage with huge 36" latex balloon topper
or 26" mylar character topper) 
any colors: $85.00 each ($100.00 deposit)

Exploding Balloon:

(a 36" balloon filled with 100 small latex balloons & confetti,
explodes over dance floor on cue)
any color: $200.00 each

Fantasy Clouds:

(A 16" latex balloon in a balloon with 2 quads of

4 - 11" balloons underneath)
any color: $30.00 each 
connected together with tulle: $50.00 (first 2 to heart)
additional tulle:  $50.00 (per set of clouds)

Floating Jumbo Balloons for Pool Effects:

(A 36" balloon filled with helium, attached to clear fishline and weighted down in your pool with foam covered brick)

Standard 30-36" balloon any color   $50.00 each
w/LED lights inside balloon   $75.00 each
 -includes remote control to turn on/off
and change colors 

Does not include tear down fee.

Deposit require on lights and bricks. 


(air-filled spiral swags of balloons to hang over dance floor or stage)
any colors: $12.00/foot

Megaloon Letters and Numbers:

(Huge 36" tall by 24" wide mylar letters and numbers)

 Can be made into an arch (best) or

stand alone with 2 ribbons to 2 weights on ground
Letters: Silver and Gold   $25.00/each 
Numbers: Silver/gold/red/blue/black/pink/prismatic   $25.00/each

Organic Arch:

(8' x 7' free form arch of 300+ balloons in random colors and sizes air filled and suspended from roof or framework)  $300.00

$20.00/foot for custom size

($100.00 deposit)

Palm Tree Sculptures

Air filled airloon 6' palm tree $50.00

Latex trunk with mylar fronds sculpture:

6' tall sculpture  $200

8' tall sculpture  $300

10' tall sculpture  $400

All latex 12'+ sculpture  $500

Roof Effect:

(loose helium-filled balloons on ceiling over dance floor)
on plain ribbon   $3.00 each
on foil ribbon   $3.25 each

Sculpted Character Tower:

(4-5' tall with character shaped mylar on top)
any color   $60.00 each
(4-5' tall with numbers or letter mylar on top)
any color   $70.00 each

Sculpted Heart:

(4-5' tall air-filled latex balloons

wrapped on an aluminum rod frame)
any color   $150.00 each ($50 deposit)

Sculpted Numbers or Letters:

(4-5 foot tall numbers or letters made from 
100's of 5" latex balloons on frames (to be returned). 
any color   $150.00 each ($100.00 deposit)

Table-Top Centerpieces:

(ANY 14" special shaped mylar balloon
sitting on top of 8 colorful 5" latex balloons
and lots of curling ribbon)
any design - $15.00 each

Topiary Trees:

(a clusterball of 12 air filled balloons attached to an
upright pole with base or decorative weight)
entry size: $50.00 each ($50 deposit)

table size: $20.00 each (no deposit)

Walk-Thru Sculpted Heart*
(12' x 12' tall air-filled latex balloons wrapped on an aluminum
rod frame self standing entryway; recommended for indoors)
any color: $400.00 each ($100 deposit)


(to hold balloon bouquets down)
With matching colored ribbons or foil weights  $2.50 each
tote bags   $5.00+ each

Lighted Decor:

Add twinkle lights to any of these decorations
for only $25.00 extra each strand


Greater Honolulu   $25
Kailua, Kaneohe, Aiea, Pearl City, Mililani   $30
Kahaluu, Ewa, Waipahu, Kapolei, Schofield, Wahiawa   $35
All other areas $50 with minimum of $150 order

Minimum order $500.00 for Sundays
Minimum order for FREE decor = $200.00

$25 decor fee on ALL orders less than $200 that

require assembly/decor

$25 flat rate delivery fee on all decor jobs Hawaii Kai - Kapolei

Pick up fee for any and all decor pieces, confetti cannons or helium tanks is $50 plus area charge. Otherwise we will take a $100 deposit which customer will get back when THEY return equipment

Strikes for a job after hours or equipment picked up after hours is automatically a $50 fee plus area charge

Strikes for large scale jobs at end of party are typically $100 but will be custom bid at time of proposal.

Pricing: Text
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